„Institut Biochimique SA“ is a multinational Swiss pharmaceutical company, founded in 1945.

IBSA corporate philosophy is focused on the concept of optimization of the active ingredients, while in the same time developing innovative pharmaceutical formulas with increased effectiveness and tolerability, to improve patient compliance and therefore the therapeutic effect.

Justifying this philosophy are basic products, including Flector®, is among the first anti-inflammatory patches and market leader in the field, Sinovial® (rheumatology) , Fostimon® (human reproduction) and laluset® (dermatology). IBSA is now an established name not only in Switzerland, but worldwide. Its branches, highly specialized production plants and joint ventures abroad allow the company to expand its area of activities and therefore to constantly develop.


The dermoesthetic area offers a wide range of products and brands including Viscoderm®, Profhilo® and Aliaxin® based on Hydrolift® Action.

Hydrolift® Action is an innovative and exclusive therapeutic approach, aimed at preventing and treating the physiological reduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin, restoring hydration, elasticity and skin tone.

Hydrolift® Action is an expression of the synergic action of the selected Hyaluronic Acid, produced through a patented by IBSA technology. When applied synergetically, it creates optimum conditions for prevention of ageing process.

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