Silhouette soft


SILHOUETTE SOFT – One treatment, double action!

Silhouette soft is a new treatment for face rejuvenation with double lifting and regenerating collagen action.

Silhouette soft is a bidirectional absorbable thread cones with Polylactic acid as principal component. The acid is completely biodegradable and is known and used in for many years in different medical fields such as cardiology. It is produced in the USA; it is developed within a 6 years’ experience in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

Silhouette soft is a unique treatment enabling two combined actions, never achieved before. It guarantees natural lifting effect with immediate and discrete effect, visible results and regenerating action with gradual and natural outcome. In being absorbed, it recovers the lost collagen and shapeliness the face while restoring volume. It is an exclusive product with completely absorbable component, a 30-minutes treatment with fast results and an effect lasting up to 18 months.

Unique treatment especially developed to treat different areas – facial contour, lower jaw, neck, cheeks, malar area and eyebrows.

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