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Application tecniques:

point by point, nappage, mesogun.

The HAIRCARE® mesotherapy has many benefits:

Revitalization of hair follicle: Arginine, Glutamine, Glycine and Ornithine are have key role in cells metabolism and cells proliferation. This is why HAIRCARE® injection into scalp derma strengthens the hair root and helps to grow robust hair.

Reinforcement and protection: Cysteine and Zinc, two main components of keratin; they stabilize hair and help grow healthier and more vital hair.

Hair growth stimulation: The B Group vitamins boosts the renewal of hair follicle (the fastest regenerating part of human body).

Decrease of hair loss: Achievable no matter of the cause – androgenic (e.g. hyper seborrhea ) or exogenetic (stress, change of seasons).

Nutrition and hydration of the scalp: HAIRCARE® injection also benefits the synthesis of basic fatty acids that nourish and hydrate the hair follicle and consequently prevents against the appearance of dandruff.

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