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A unique non-invasive, non-laser method for removal of permanent make-up and tattoos of all colours (10 ml) – removes 35 to 40 square cm.

Rejuvi tattoo removing method is not a laser technique, but a unique process of chemical extraction of the pigments.

Traditional or common pigments for micro pigmentation or tattooing are non-organic metal oxides such as ferric oxide, carbon compounds (soot), chromium oxide, titanium dioxide, etc. these non-organic oxides do not dissolve in water and in most organic solvents. Therefore they persist for a long time once they have been implanted into skin.

The Rejuvi suspension for tattoo removal contains alkaline metal oxides and transition metal oxides (with particle size range similar to tattoo pigments), combined in a special formula.

The metal oxides in Rejuvi tattoos remover possess very similar physicochemical characteristics to those of tattoo pigments, so they have good chemical affinity and solubility. The old saying that „similarities attract“ reflects this principle.

Whenever Rejuvi tattoos remover has good physical contact with the pigments of the tattoo, they are gradually absorbed. Moreover, Rejuvi tattoo remover is designed to be incompatible with the skins, so it rejects the product. Once the pigments of the tattoo are absorbed by the removal suspension Rejuvi, skin exports the solution onto the surface.

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