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The CELLUCARE® treatment includes the following stages:

  • Activation of lipolysis (break-down of fats), reduction of fat storage: caffeine plays main role in this direction, influencing the receptors of the adipocytes and helping the assimilation of fats. Moreover the microelements optimize the activity of the relevant lipolytic enzymes.
  • Destruction of the cellulite nodes: Through the use of Hyaluronic Acid which hydrolyzes the cell membranes, trapping the adipocytes in clusters. The latter are the reason for the appearance of nodes of fat and in general for cellulite generation.
  • Increase in microcirculation and drainage: Caffeine boosts the cutaneous microcirculation, thereby contributing to the elimination of broken down fatty acids.
  • Improvement in external appearance and texture of tissue: The hydrating property of Hyaluronic Acid gives a softer and smoother aspect to the skin. The microelements protect against free radicals and consequently optimize the cell metabolism.
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