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Rejuvi Fruit Complex is an innovative technology incorporating several different alpha-hydroxyl acids including beta-hydroxyl acids with the following major benefits:

а) Fruit Complex utilizes acids and their corresponding salts or esters to achieve excellent safety and comfort levels during treatment.

b) Fruit Complex incorporates a unique lipoceutical vehicle (liposome-like delivery system) to enhance the penetration and minimize skin irritation.

Rejuvi Fruit Complex formula is available in versions # 1 and # 2. Version # 1 is comparable to traditional 25% glycolic acid solutions. Version #2 is comparable to traditional 35% glycolic acid solutions.

Fruit Complex is a basic Rejuvi treatment with extensive applications such as smoothing skin, reducing pores, diminishing wrinkles, etc. Often time Rejuvi Fruit Complex Treatment is incorporated with various other Rejuvi professional treatments.

Products Required for Treatment:
1. Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula # 1
2. Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula # 2

Other Products You Need:
1. Rejuvi “k” Facial Cleanser
2. Rejuvi “r” Skin Refreshener
3. Rejuvi Purifying Mask
4. Rejuvi “h” Skin Healing Gel
5. Rejuvi “v” Nourishing Cream or “b” Skin Moisturizer or “n” Night Cream
Treatment with Rejuvi Fruit Complex

1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly with Rejuvi “k” Cleanser twice, then dry.
2. Using a cotton pad, apply Rejuvi “r” Skin Refreshener – pat on then allow to dry.
3. Apply Rejuvi Purifying Mask mixed with “h” Skin Healing Gel (3:2 ratio). Leave on 6-8 min utes to dry and then rinse off thoroughly.
4. Shake Rejuvi Fruit Complex #1 or 2 well (make sure the solution is homogenous to ensure even distribution of liposomes) and pour an appropriate amount of Fruit Complex into a cuvette or tiny vessel.
5. Using a brush, apply the Fruit Complex over the area to be treated on the face and neck – allow to remain on the skin 1-5 minutes depending on skin sensitivity. Keep a close eye on the client to make sure skin doesn’t get too red. If significant discomfort develops, rinse off immediately with cold water and apply Rejuvi “h” Skin Healing Gel to calm the discomfort level.
6. Remove Fruit Complex by washing several times with soft cosmetic sponges or a cool, damp towel.
7. Apply Rejuvi “h” Healing Gel and massage into the skin gently for 2-5 minutes.
8. Apply Rejuvi “v” Nourishing Cream or other Rejuvi Moisturizer.

If doing a full facial treatment, apply Fruit Complex treatment before steam and extractions (usually before a facial massage). Rejuvi AHA treatments can be done once a week depending on the skin condition. One treatment period usually involves 4-6 treatments. It would be better if you started with a lower strength to cautiously assess your client’s skin type and tolerance as well as determining the retention time of the Fruit Complex Treatment. In the case of very sensitive skin you may use Rejuvi “c” Skin Care Formula (equivalent to 10% strength) as a substitute for Fruit Complex Formula #1.

Home Care Program:

Morning: „x“-cell Vitamin C Complex, „b“ Skin Moisturizer, „s“Facial Sun Block.

Evening: „x“-cell Vitamin C Complex, „g“ AHA Cream or „g“ AHA серум (for oily skin)

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