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Rejuvi Skin Whitening Treatment combines Lightening treatment, Fruit Complex and Whitening Formula to achieve a synergistic effect to improve skin tone and pigmentation problems as well as dark eye circles. This is the most effective professional treatment available today!

Rejuvi Lightening Treatment contains pearl powder and multiple anti-oxidants in an air-tight vial to preserve the maximum potency. Therefore, Rejuvi Lightening Treatment provides an immediate improvement in skin tone within 30 minutes or so.

Tyrosinase is the special enzyme that catalyzes the production of melanin. The formation of melanin becomes very slow with low activity of tyrosinase; therefore, one of the most advanced anti-pigmentation techniques is the inhibition of tyrosinase activity. In addition, wheat germ extract has been found to alter the melanogenesis pathway and produce a light colored pigment (pheomelanin). This is the newest anti-pigmentation technique.

“Rejuvi” Whitening Formula contains tyrosinase inhibitors, licorice extract and wheat germ extract, as well as concentrated anti-oxidants to achieve a powerful anti-pigmentation effect. Furthermore, “Rejuvi” Fruit Complex is used to help with penetration of the Whitening Formula. “Rejuvi” Lightening Treatment can be performed once per week or every other week.

Since the skin whiteness is limited by individual genetics, “Rejuvi” Skin Lightening Treatment is designed to help recover the best skin tone. Once the skin tone has approached its maximum, further gain may be very little. It is important to understand that the “Rejuvi” Skin Lightening Treatment has its limits.

Products Required for Treatment:
1. Rejuvi Clearing Toner
2. Rejuvi Lightening Treatment
3. Rejuvi Fruit Complex #1 (Rejuvi „c“ Skin Care Formula)
4. Rejuvi Whitening Formula

Other Products You Need:
1. Rejuvi „o“ Cleansing Milk
2. Rejuvi „k“ Facial Cleanser
3. Rejuvi „w“ Whitening Toner
4. Rejuvi „h“ Skin Healing Gel
5. Rejuvi Purifying Mask
6. Rejuvi „q“ Flavonoid Complex
7. Rejuvi Hydrating Mask
8. Rejuvi „v“ Nourishing Cream
9. Rejuvi „s“ Facial Sun Block (SPF25)

Rejuvi Clearing Toner: Deionized water, Propylene glycol, Ammonium phosphate, Lipoic acid disodium EDTA, Potassium sorbate.

Rejuvi Lightening Treatment: Pearl powder, Ascorbic acid, Kojic acid, Cysteine, Sodium metabisulfite, Ginkgo extract.

Rejuvi Fruit Complex #1 : Deionized wate, Etanol, Polysorbate 60, Sodium lactate, Sodium citrate, Glycolic acid.

Rejuvi Whitening Formula: water, Propylene glycol, Wheat germ extract, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, Licorice extract.

Treatment Procedures:
1. Remove makeup with Rejuvi „o“ Cleansing Milk, then clean face with Rejuvi „k“ Facial Cleanser and rinse well.
2. Spray a sufficient amount of Rejuvi Clearing Toner onto a cotton pad and wipe the face, until no color shows on the cotton pad (some people may have little color shown on the cotton pad).
3. Mix approximately 2 ml of Rejuvi “h” Skin Healing Gel with 8 ml of Rejuvi Purifying Mask in the small plastic cup (provided in Lightening Treatment), tapping the cup to settle the mixture (should read about 10 ml level on the cup).
4. Pour the contents of one vial of the Rejuvi Lightening Treatment into the cup and mix well with the spatula (provided also), then apply the mixture to the face immediately and leave on for 20-30 minutes. For better results 2-3 drops of Rejuvi “Q” Flavonoid Complex can be added before the mixing.
5. Remove mask completely using a warm, damp towel.
6. Shake Rejuvi Fruit Complex #1 well and pour 2-3 ml into a small vessel. Apply to face with a brush or cotton swab, avoiding eye area. For sensitive skin, Rejuvi “c” Skin Care Formula can be used as substitute for Fruit Complex #1.
7. Leave Fruit Complex on skin for 1-3 minutes depending upon the comfort of your client.
8. Remove Fruit Complex with a cool & wet towel several times. Dry the skin well.
9. After that apply Rejuvi “h” Skin Healing Gel and then Rejuvi Hydrating Mask on top. Use a warm towel to cover the whole face for 5-10 minutes then rinse off well with warm water.
10. Apply Rejuvi Whitening Formula with a brush to the entire face avoiding the eye area An even and thin coat is sufficient.
11. Apply Rejuvi “v” Nourishing Cream or “n” Night Cream then apply Rejuvi “s” Facial Sun Block to complete the treatment. Make sure there is no contact with water for the next 6 hours.

Home Care Program:

Morning: „w“ Skin Whitening Toner „b“ Skin Moisturizer, „s“ Facial Sun Block (SPF25).

Evening: „x“- cell Vitamin C Complex, and then „w“ Whitening Cream

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