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Rejuvi “P” Normalizing Cream 15 ml - for regular acne and comedones

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Rejuvi “P” Normalizing Cream 15 ml

Only Rejuvi P Normalizing cream has a unique formula that works by helping the skin to restore its hormonal balance and regulate the sebum production. Thus the pores do not clog and acne bacteria do not find a place to develop.

Rejuvi P Normalizing cream offers a unique and powerful multiple action approach that deep cleans pores and removes unwanted skin contamination. Urea peroxide kills acne bacteria while for the hormonal control of the skin a unique combination of vitamins, zinc and organic acids are used.

AHA cleanses the skin, removes the surface debris and kills the bacteria.

• Unique formula controls skin hormones.
• Cleans acne and spots very quickly.
• It is not suitable for sensitive skin!

Apply every evening to the problematic skin area. If redness appears discontinue the usage of the product for a couple of days and then renew the treatment every other evening

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